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Screen And Re-Coating Snellville GA

Screen And Re-Coating Snellville GA

Screening is the process in which the upper layer of the wood floor is taken off. This process is used to give a new look to the wood floor. After taking off the top layer rough wood is there for the next process which gives a total new look to the hard floor. Mostly it is the part of the routine maintenance which great ease. Re-furnishing is the expensive idea when it comes to the place of wood floor and it takes a lot of time and labor cost as well. A complete dust package is complimentary with the re-furnishing. To cater all these problems designers made a simple and affordable way to make the hardwood floors clean and neat again.

There are some simple tips to do before screening:

  • Remove everything from the room (Painting to furniture)
  • Seal off all the door and windows with the plastic sheets
  • A fan is must be placed at the window to throw all the dust from room

After taking off the top layer, a process begins called re-coating. In this process a new layer is attached with hard wood floor which gives a completely new look to the floor. It is very easy and affordable if we compare with the re-furnishing process. This all process can be done with only one person and with our best services in the Snellville GA. Flooring makeover is the name you can refer to anyone blindly without anything for the best services related to the screen and recoating. Our skill staff is always ready to serve at your doorsteps without any issues. Completing the dead lines is our key to success that makes us unique and prominent our industry. Stay connected with us if you want to get your work done in your desired time.


We are a professional carpet cleaning/carpet repair company. Our specialty is helping pet owner restore or maintain the look, feel, smell and health of their home through specialized carpet care. We are also certified in carpet repairs. Get rid of those ripples in your carpets for good.
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Screen And Re-Coating Snellville GA


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Screen And Re-Coating Snellville GA

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